I saw this in a vision in this morning’s call – more understanding came after the call, and I wanted to share it with our community.

We are in the “CALM before the STORM.” I had a vision for the world, and I saw buildings like in NY coming down all over the world. In my vision, many buildings were coming down and collapsing in different cities around the globe. Massive “spiritual earthquake” is coming to our world. I heard “deluge” is coming – didn’t even know what that word meant, so I looked it up.

The time will come when He will sit here as our Righteous Judge. Buildings will come down like 911  all over the world. Because what’s raised against God must come down, what is to come will be built with His favor. In the least, all will see favor; we suspect because He knows our inner beings. He is love! There will be an outpouring from heaven so heavy like the roar of mighty ocean waves. The out “pour” will not “flood” physically.  It will be a spiritual wake.  It will be like a large spiritual water mass and secrets will be revealed, wisdom will be given, new sound waves will enter our realm, new songs will release clues, new inventions will come about, and revival will indeed come but also more rebellion in the land. The “unknowns” will become known in His time.  Many of the “known” will be removed from their place of authority and power.  They forgot to feed their flocks because their hearts are turned away from God, and they have grown “lukewarm.” He is our shepherd, and He will hold and secure His Bride by His side. We carry His Sword on earth, His Word in our tabernacles, and His breath is and will be in a more powerful way our source of clarity.

Towers of Pride will come down. In many ways, our governments have rebuilt “Babel” mindsets, the corruption and greed must go! Many have replaced God with their selfish desires and idols. He’s calling it all to come down. The economic collapse and devastation will be massive. He says not to fear, He will help us, but it’s a Call to prepare for new paths. After “buildings” come down, the rain will come in abundance. New enlightenment will come to many of us, and new roads will be filled with new water. Many will be in a state of confusion unless they have the indwelling of His Spirit. We will travel in His Boat, but when our minds “shake,” we are to be aware that the Holy Spirit is inviting us to become more “hollow.”

I heard that the “water bank” will fill up.

After the call, I heard indeed “transfer of wealth” will come to those who have remained faithful. He will knit us closer like a secret tapestry and surround us, His remnant with an army of new warriors that He’ll bring to help us reach our new place in this decade. We will travel through these waters together and leaning on each other is key to our growth. We are in a season where deep roots will receive new water if we are willing to open and release waters that have weighed us down. He says, Release control! Release forgiveness! Release grace! Release love! To be secure in Christ is a MUST  to endure what’s coming “ahead” – Many are coming to His rescue, but millions are still stubborn and in “the Nile” so they will drown. We have to continue to get ready – I hear,”Get our inner house ready.”

At our core, there is an opening, and the rushing water will pour in and help us clear our beings with fresh, clear water.

The roots (us) that are the healthiest will survive; He will strengthen our core if we are willing to be mature and allow His balm (oil) to lubricate us deep within and heal us. He wants us free in all areas so we can flow in this new water that He’s taking us through. 

Revelation 14:13 “Yes, says the Spirit, they are blessed INDEED, for they will rest from their hard work, for their good deeds follow them.” Harvest is upon us. Harvest is upon us. Harvest is upon us.

Keep your eyes on Jesus!

Nissi, please pray over this message.

Author: Samali May

This is a call to awaken the church from sleeping during a spiritual war.
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