Oh to be carried, to let the sweet embrace of our Father calm us and keep us.  It is in these moments that we must rest in His arms as Moses rested in the basket, so intricately designed by his mother for safety to hold the most precious treasure that she possessed.  And from rest he was carried into deliverance by the hands that should have been his enemy.  It was Pharaoh’s daughter that had mercy on Moses.  All things are possible with God.

Come to my river and rest; I will carry you to a place of deliverance.

One beautiful morning as I worshipped.  The Holy Spirit’s sweet presence moved me to tears. I intently listened as He spoke of the cry of His children…”Deliver Us.”  As I wept,  the sweet song from the Prince of Egypt settled on my heart, danced around in my mind, created a stirring in my spirit.  “Elohim. God on high.  Can you hear your people cry?  Help us now, This dark hour, Deliver Us.” 

Deliverance can sometimes take us into unknown territory, from hiding in the bulrush to entering the palace of Pharaoh. The familiar faces disappear, and you enter into a foreign place.  What you considered comfortable is now a desert, barren land, dust, and sand.  But even in this place, we can rest.  Rest in the arms of the Father as Moses rested in the tar pitched basket, safe from the sword of the enemy.  Don’t be afraid.  Just rest in His arms.  Stop striving, don’t be burdened by the demands to work more, work faster, and do more. 

Do you believe you can be delivered?  It requires your yes. You need to surrender. It is in the moment of surrender when we free-fall into the river of His love. Then He can carry us into the place of safety and rest.  The world calls and beckons us to go faster, and faster…to do more and more but God is calling us to rest.   He is asking us to do less, to depend on Him for THE more.

Do you believe you can be delivered?  Act upon the faith that He has instilled in you.  Speak things that are not as though they were (Romans 4:17).  Through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, you can say “yes” to God and “no” to the world.  

The world will scream for you to work more and harder, but turn away from the world and walk in the calling that God has for you.  In your frantic race for success, for power, for self He is asking you to come into His resting place.  You’ve been yearning to be delivered.  Begin now! Begin in your desert.   Cry-out-to Him.  It is in that place that God has His best for you.

Your “Red Sea.”  moment is upon you. Your tears will recede as you walk in the power of the Holy Spirit.  Choose to believe that He hears your cry for deliverance. Lift your hands and surrender it all to Him.  He is there with you.  He’s not forgotten you. Your ocean of tears is about to be made into dry ground. There will be no drowning here…only rest.   Lift your head …joy is coming. 

These moments of being alone with God can be your “burning bush.”  God desires to consume all your shame, condemnation, fear, and guilt with his all-consuming fire.  He wants to replace your busyness with quality time with Him because this is not your final destination.  Pharoah’s palace was not Moses promise land. God is moving you forward for more work in His name.

I will close with these words that God laid upon my heart, “Come to my river and rest.  I will safely carry you to the place of deliverance.  It may not look like what you expected.  There may be a process involved that you did not want to go through, but I assure you that this place that I’m bringing you to is the place of preparation for your deliverance and the deliverance of those around you.”

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Nissi Nation

Simply put, Nissi Nation is the result of God’s call on watchmen. Intercessors or prophets are being called this hour to stand in the gap for God’s children and speak on God’s behalf to a generation who can’t hear or see God for who He is. We believe that as the enemy continues to come against us like a rising flood God is rising up as a banner of victory over America