We rebuild our Nation through spiritual warfare in every mountain of influence in society.

The Story

Exodus 17:15

15Moses built an altar there and named it Yahweh-nissi (which means “the LORD is my banner”).

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Nissi Nation was birthed out of a group of women that were working together to understand the use of essential oils for healing of the body.  YUP… You heard that right. We discovered that frequency and power were similar words and that God wants us to have a physical expression to the spiritual expression of God’s heart for his people.  In this journey of discovery we dove into the word of God to hear God’s heart about restoring our physical bodies and inadvertently found the heart of God regarding the body of Christ and His love to restore his bride/church/body to himself.  He spoke to us about Nehemiah and how it was time to build the walls of protection while also fighting spiritually. We began to understand that God desires for us to be well in every aspect of our lives here on earth.

As it turns out, other women in our group felt and heard the same thing.  This led us to mutual connections and conversations that made it clear that God was on the move.  It was fascinating and exciting to see God move in a big way in all of our lives. Is like we were all reading the same sheet of music in different music rooms.  So, we began to pray and seek the Lord together and God began to give us instructions as to when we should pray and what do you know…Nissi Nation was birthed forth

We realized that we were a group of watchmen, apostles and prophets that needed each other.  We became aware of the disconnect amongst these positions in the body of Christ and all too aware of the rejection of these positions in the body of Christ.  The powerful awareness propelled our seeking, our asking and our surrender.

Today, Nissi Nation is comprised of watchmen, apostles, and prophets that live all across the United States of America.  All of which are committed to the Lord in their daily devotion. One way we express that is through daily prayer, seeking and sharing online.  We look forward to having a 24/7 intercessory community that is able to connect and grow in Christ while making an impact in every mountain of influence of society here in the US..  


Everyday we pray together and intercede for God’s leaders in each mountain


We share what God is up to in each mountain through our blog


We do life with watchmen, apostles and prophets


God is raising up unknown leaders within the body of Christ.  There has been a fierce battle that watchmen, prophets, and apostles have had to live through that is distinctly different than the “normal” human journey.  We believe that these men and women have been crushed to release the greatest breaker anointing that has ever been released on the earth. Nissi Nation exists to come alongside, equip, and strengthen them by sharing their stories and God-given revelations.

We want to give a voice to the voiceless prophets. 

We have entered a season like the one that Joseph stepped into once he was permanently removed from the pit (Scripture Reference) .  We believe that we have been processed and prepared like Esther for such a time as this. A time in which heaven and earth collide and those seeking, asking, and knocking are blessed by the response of the Holy Spirit.  

If God has placed you on this journey, and you are ready to intercede and pray, speak, write, or share the heart of God to His people in every mountain of influence.

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