Nissi Nation is a community of watchmen, prophets, and apostles praying for and decreeing victory over America through Jesus Christ.

Impact America Through Prayer

Welcome to Nissi Nation, where deep calls to deep! A place where watchmen, apostles, and prophets have community and a voice.

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What we do and how you know you are one of us.

We war in the Spirit and intercede for leaders through prophetic anointing, trusting God to finish His work in our Nation.

We believe that God will finish the work He started, so we stand and contend with the heaven’s from a place of victory rather than toward it.

At Nissi Nation we believe that watchmen are called to intercede with and for prophets and apostles. 

Apostles are called to build and prophets are called to speak into what is being built or what may come against it. 

We are called to pray without ceasing, proclaiming the Word over circumstances, and praising him for all he has done.

We stand under Jehovah Nissi! Believing by faith that we will see the victory paid for at the cross manifested in this nation and beyond!

Does this describe you?

You have been through unexplainable battles in your life again and again, and again while standing for all that God has called you to do.  As a result you have gotten stronger in the Lord. You have also grown in trusting the Lord in levels that most question, because it does not make sense to them.  However, in spite of the struggle and logical challenges you keep moving forward and at times, and the only explanation to how you got through is Jesus? If this sounds like your journey, You are not alone and together we can make a difference. 

The Seven Mountains

God is raising up unknown leaders within the body of Christ.  They exist in every mountain of influence. We believe that Nissi Nation is called to intercede for these leaders through intercessory prayer and prophetic anointing. We come alongside them declaring truth in love as God transitions them up to His divine purpose, increased authority, and to impact the Kingdom.

Relevance to the Seven Mountains

Religion & Faith

We pray for an increase of influence and relevance of the Church on Western society as it spreads knowledge of the love and Gospel of Jesus Christ.


The family is the centerpiece of any functioning society. We pray against divorce, fatherlessness, abuse and sexual immorality.


We pray to restore biblical truth and Godly morality into our country’s failing educational system.

Government & Law

Our country was founded on Christian values. We pray for Godly leaders to mentor, educate, and equip citizens so they can effectively influence government at all levels with Truth and righteousness.

Business & Economics

God calls believers to go get their wealth! We pray for and declare prosperity with a purpose, calling upon those who manage businesses to lead with integrity, honesty and biblical principles.

Media, News & Commentary

From TV, radio, newspapers, online news, social media and blogs on the Internet. We pray for and declare moral truths according to the Word against the stream of disinformation spread by liberal elite outlets and other mainstream media sources.

Arts & Entertainment

Music, movies, television, and social media wield enormous influence on our youth and children.  We pray for God to rise up righteous people who take their talents and gifts into this mountain boldly using their platform to further Kingdom purposes.

Prayer and intercession needs to happen in favor of each of the seven mountains of influence. That is why our community exists!